Why Pure Hacking

At Pure Hacking our aim is to maintain and develop world leading resources to protect our clients now and in the future.

All Pure Hacking employees are hand-picked for their expertise and actively develop their skills in their area of specialisation. Pure Hacking’s longevity, technical expertise, innovation, reliability and validity for security has enabled the business to grow year on year since its inception. With over 400 clients, and 80% actively working with Pure Hacking in the last 18 months, Pure Hacking is current, responsive and excellent business value to our clients.

Whether you are planning a project, testing new applications/infrastructure or looking at proactive security protection, Pure Hacking is here to be of service.

Contact Us and be confident that your IT security is assured.

Key Services:

Internet Security - It's your Business' Immune System.

We defend, protect and assure your applications and IT infrastructure from damaging and costly attacks, ensuring the integrity of your organisation is maintained. Since launching in 2002, Pure Hacking has successfully completed thousands of penetration tests and security consulting engagements.

Pure Hacking can partner with you and your team to identify the IT security risks you face now and in the future. IT security is about your organisational outcomes. Tactically, we can show you how to solve every issue identified or we can actually solve the issue for you. Strategically, we can plan resources, mapped to your organisational goals and support your team, in making you safe. If your company is resource constrained, we can make you safe now using our team of experts

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